Second Personal Trainer Meeting

Happy Valentine’s Night! Hope you’ve had a wonderful day filled with loved ones.

I spent part of my Valentine’s night at the gym with a personal trainer, romantic eh? My gym offers a free personal trainer consultation which is split into 2 sessions (first one here) and today was the second…and boy am I already feelin’ it!

Tonight’s session was focused more on using the equipment and seeing my form. Last session we talked for the first half, but there was definitely not much chatting going on tonight.

She definitely pushed me in ways I didn’t know I could be pushed while also keeping it simple. We did a bit of cardio, a bit of arms, a bit of legs and a final bit of abs. I have a feeling I will be sore.

While she was stretching me out, she asked what I thought both of our sessions. I said I’m definitely interested in learning more about seeing a personal trainer on a regular basis….but it all depends on how much money.

Let’s just say…personal training is a pretty penny. Worth every pretty penny…but still a lot of money to throw down at once. I haven’t decided if I will move forward, especially since I already have the motivation to work out and go to the gym. I would essentially be getting a personal trainer to have more guidance with the equipment and to strength & tone. Definitely all things I would like, but I’m not sure I want to pay yet.

We’ll see!

We took it easy tonight instead of fighting the crowds out tonight. We can make a just as delicious (perhaps more!) meal in as we can out.

Tonight’s menu:

Mediterran crusted salmon, kale chips (you seriously didn’t think I could go long without them, did you?) and roasted potatoes.













Hope you all had a wonderful day!


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