Wedding Wednesday: Flowers & Cake

Hello there! How are you on this fine Wednesday? Doing well over here.

I figured I would give a wedding update since I haven’t in awhile…today’s topic—>

Flowers & Cake!























Not gonna lie, flowers and cake are the two things I could care less about. I know, I know…I’m not a typical girl. I just feel like…why waste SO much money on flowers and cake when I don’t even really care for either? I do want the flowers to look nice, but I knew from the get go I didn’t want to use flowers as the centerpieces to make it cheaper. I would much rather spend money on something else for the wedding (like a photobooth!) than flowers. And I don’t really like cake…soo there’s that.


We have an appointment with a florist this weekend (Ryan is thrilled) and I have no idea what kind of flowers I want. All I have to go off of is colors really.












I’m liking the purple/pink combo, but I’d really like to incorporate an emerald color somehow but I’m not sure flowers are the way to do it. I’m so terrible at these types of things.


Sooo…we most likely aren’t doing actually cake.

Cupcakes are the way to go, baby!

First of all, I had no idea how freaking expensive a slice of cake was! When I first started asking around to friends & co-workers. Holy COW. Why is a piece of cake $10?!?! That is completely insane to me and not necessary. When I first started thinking about a cake, I initially wanted to do cupcakes because I like them more (yes they are essentially the same thing…whatever). It’s looking like cupcakes are most definitely the way to go, considering I’m finding places that make them for $2 a cupcake! Now that’s what I’m talking about.

Here’s one place we’re looking at…






















Milwaukee Cupcake Company comes highly recommended to me from several different people. None of which who have used them for a wedding but supposedly their cupcakes are amazing.


Liking this set up!

Also looking at Classy Girl Cupcakes






















We’re hoping to only go to two maybe three places to try cupcakes because they do charge you for the tastings (can’t blame them…). Hopefully we will get that accomplished next weekend!

Question: Cake or cupcakes?

  1. I’m so excited you are thinking about cupcakes. That’s exactly what I would do (I like the pic you have where there is a small round cake for the top tier). I think they’re fun and really modern. I’ve had Milwaukee cupcake company cupcakes and classy girl cupcakes several times. For me, I like MCC cupcakes a lot better. Their flavors are delicious.

  2. Kim said:

    Cupcakes! I’ve never been a big cake person, but I think cupcakes are just the right amount of cake. Ben’s sister had cupcakes instead of cake at her wedding, and it was very nicely done.

    Another option? Cake pops. 😉

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