Hungry Eyes

Hello there!

How’s the weekend going? Ours is a good mix of busy and relaxed.

Saturday started out with a morning walk with Murph.

Ended with playing in the yard with his favorite frisbee. He was feisty this morning, per usual.

Came home to french toast on the skillet!

And then immediately on my plate. Every Saturday morning should start with French Toast.

Next on our list…the flower shop!

We headed to A New Leaf in Brookfield. It came recommended from a girl in my bible study and I figured it was worth a shot. Like I said before, I really had no idea what I wanted to use for flowers. The girl who recommended this place said that she also had no idea and they were really great at helping figuring out what would work best.

I did bring a few pictures of what I liked (and what I thought would look good, not that it carries any weight…) and the owner immediately knew what I wanted. We’ll be incorporating blues, dark purples and a little emerald into the bridesmaid bouquets. Mine will have a classic look (don’t want to give too many details because it will coordinate with my dress which I don’t want Ryan knowing anything about!).

Here are some of the flowers that will be used…

Ah I’m excited! I think they will look very nice and definitely me. We also might use her for part of the centerpieces as well. We had visited another vendor who had centerpieces which we thought we wanted to use, but comparing prices it might be cheaper to go with the florist.

We ended Saturday with church & Woodman’s!!! (Woodman’s is the greatest grocery store on the planet, FYI and we haven’t been in probably 6 months. Don’t hate that I get excited about grocery shopping).

Sunday morning started off slowly but we eventually headed out for an hour long walk with the pup.

He only pays that much attention if there’s a treat close by.  



 Along our walk I brought up how Murphy’s theme song should be “Hungry Eyes” by Eric Carmen (from Dirty Dancing) because anytime he hears “treat,” “dinner,” or “food” he gets this look in his eyes that is on the brink of tears because he wants to eat so bad. Oh man, I’m dying laughing just thinking about it!



Question: Like grocery shopping like I do?


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