Stir Fry

Hello there! Today went by lightening fast. Before I knew it, I was headed to the gym for Body Pump!

I hadn’t been in 2 weeks but thankfully I picked up where I left off. I even got to hear some Missy Elliot (love!) and Chris Brown (yeaaah yeaaah yeaaah). Good times.

I scooted on home to walk the beast for 30 minutes and came home to leftovers.

Leftovers of stir fry!

A simple mix of brown rice, frozen veggie stir fry, zucchini, stir fry beef tenderloin and peanuts!

love stir fry and don’t know why I don’t make it more often. So much healthier than take out!

Short post tonight, my head has been hurting all day for some reason. I’ve been chugging water so I don’t think it’s because I’m dehydrated. Maybe stress? Who knows!


Question: Do you like stir frys?

  1. I love stir fry, but I feel like I can’t make it as good as a restaurant. Who knows what the do to it. BTW, I took like 2 weeks off from body pump because I had a nasty cold. When i got back to it, I couldn’t lift as much weight. WTF!?

  2. What the heck?! That is weird. Maybe you’re still getting over your sickness? Getting sick sometimes makes me feel so much weaker than normal.

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