Hola! Tonight I headed to my first yoga class at an actual studio! And yes, I did purchase a Groupon for this 🙂 What can I say, me and Groupon are BFFs.

For $20 I get to go to 5 Zumba or Yoga classes at Aspire Dance Studio in Pewaukee. I already like the Zumba classes offered at my gym, so I figured I would use my passes for the yoga classes.

The class went well! There was no “oooming” though (not like I really thought there would be…:) ) It was a pretty small class (only 4 of us plus the instructor) but that was kind of nice. It also nice that 2 of us were relatively new to yoga, so the instructor helped us out more with form. It felt sooo good to stretch after that crazy Pilates class yesterday.

I think yoga and I will become BFFs too.


Dinner brought to you courtesy of Ryan Lynn! Friday Fish Frys are huge here in Wisconsin (who knew?) and we had some fish in our freezer given from a friend so I wanted to have a healthier Fish Fry in our own home!

Ryan used a makeshift buttermilk batter (that didn’t work…) so he moved to egg wash base then coated with panko bread crumbs.

Love the crunch!

With sweet potato chips instead of regular potato.

Taken out of the oven just in time!

Granted this wasn’t the same thing as a typical fish fry…it was still pretty tasty. Left me full and happy, so what more can you ask for?

Question: Fish N Chips fan? I didn’t realize it was such a big deal here in Milwaukee until we moved here and saw Fish Frys at basically every restaurant!

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