Siri Is My New BFF

Hello & Happy Sunday!

This weekend has been full of fun (and not so fun) events. Let’s get to it.


Well, I joined the rest of society and purchased an iPhone! (Siri is still blowing my mind)

But first, sushi night was in order.

I crave sushi like, every other day now. It is ridiculous. Ryan is finally on the sushi boat and was starting to crave some as well. There’s a sushi place that my co-workers and I frequent that has a spicy salmon that is the most delicious roll EVER. Luckily, the sushi place is next door to an AT&T store so killed two birds with one stone!

Key Lime Pie Martini. I’m not usually a martini girl (too much straight vodka…) but this one was not so bad!

We ordered 5 rolls plus eel sauce (you MUST get eel sauce if you have yet to try it! Sweet, syrupy soy sauce, yum yum). Alaska, Philadelphia, California, Spicy Salmon & Shrimp Tempura. I had never had tempura (probably because I knew it would be delicious because it’s fried and I didn’t want to get addicted…) but I think the spicy salmon is still my favorite.

After the sushi-fest, we headed to AT&T to turn in my crappy blackberry phone for a shiny, new iPhone 4s!

And then something bad happened. It fell out of my pocket when I was getting out of the car and the screen stopped working. I was so upset at myself but thankfully they exchanged it for a new one without any cost.

The first picture I took?

Of Murphy, of course!

Via instragram (already obsessed…)


I was in charge of date night this month and once again, I used a groupon. We attended the Greater Milwaukee Auto Show. This was more for Ryan ( I could care less about cars) but it was fun to sit in cars we could never afford.

Though some you couldn’t even sit in, like the one above.

These sweet wheels?

On a van! Ha.

Now that’s what I’m talking about. Love the color! Because that’s the only thing that matters on a car.

Psst. Ryan tapped his foot on the platform. Livin’ on the edge!

That’s Ryan attempting to look like a semi-truck driver. Until we got kicked out of it…

Look at how cheap cars used to be! If only…

Then we ended our day at none other than Yo Mama for some frozen yogurt.
















And immediately started plotting on how we could have frozen yogurt at our wedding reception. Seriously. Anyone have any ideas?!


Today we headed to church & the Apple store to replace my iPhone. The rest of the day is filled with making granola, sweeping & mopping and perhaps getting a head start on Integrative work!

Question: Have you ever been to a car show? Would you want frozen yogurt at a wedding reception?

  1. My parents used to take us to the Chicago Auto Show. I remember when I was like 8 and they had a TV screen in the back of the headrests in a Lexus. I thought they were so cool!

    I love frozen yogurt but haven’t made it to YoMama. Maybe now that I’ll be working downtown again (I start a new job tomorrow! AHH!) I’ll get a chance to make it to the yogurt place on Brady.

  2. Kim said:

    Omg. Please do frozen yogurt at your wedding reception! Ben and I are obsessed with Orange Leaf here in Evansville — I’m going to guess it’s like Yo Mama. Self-serve with a ton of flavors, and you can add so many delicious toppings. See if Yo Mama caters receptions, hehehe.

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