Chocolate & Protein Peanut Butter Vanilla Granola

Well, I made it to my second Pilates class…and didn’t keel over! Don’t get me wrong, it was still extremely hard and had me huffing & puffing but I made it. I definitely think this class will be in the rotation!


It has been a hot minute since I’ve made homemade granola and since we bought a huge canister of old fashioned oats I figured it was high time to make some crunchy goodness!

For my first batch, I created just a plain chocolate granola going off of this recipe.

Some substitutions I made:

  • Almond extract for coconut extract
  • More cocoa powder (1/2 tbsp) for protein powder (no chocolate protein powder, wah)
  • Add ground flax seed for some omega 3’s

Crunchy, sweet (but not too sweet!), chocolatey and homemade! What more could you ask for?

After making that, I moved on my next creation, Protein Peanut Butter Vanilla Granola! Say that five times fast!

I based my creation off of this recipe of Julie’s. I double her recipe (because…I mean, come on, I need even more granola, right?!) Added flax seed & half a scoop of vanilla protein powder.













By far my favorite. Maybe because I have an obsession with peanut butter. But it’s SO GOOD. Great topped on greek yogurt!

Question: What’s your favorite kind of granola?

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