Saturday Mornin’

Ever heard of the song Saturday Morning by the Eels? I always think of this song when it’s a bright & sunny Saturday morning. If this weather never ends, I’d be a happy camper.

Today started out with this face jumping on my head:

He’s a real peach.

After getting up, I headed to an eye doctor appointment. It was as fun as it sounds. I need new contacts and  glasses any my insurance only covers one. Womp. Glasses aren’t too expensive, so looks like I’ll be buying those. Just call me four eyes!


Strangest picture ever.

After that I headed to the gym for a sweaty treadmill & arm sesh! Felt good to move after not being able to make it to the gym much this week.

Then I took the monster for a walk.






Obviously, he loved it.

Now I’m watching Gossip Girl on Netflix (don’t judge) and plan on doing some homework for IIN! Tonight is date night & it’s Ryan’s turn…can’t wait!

Question: How do you like to spend your Saturday mornings?

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