With A Twist!

Evening! For a Monday, today went slow. Very slow. Monday’s are typically quick for me but for some reason today went by slower than molasses. Maybe it was because I was excited to go to Body Pump to try the new release?!

Speaking of…HOLY COW. It’s weird how your body gets used to one exercise and then as soon as you change it up your body is screaming (in a good way!). This new release was killer, especially the squat and tricep tracks. But let’s be honest, every tricep track is hard for me since I don’t have any.

The music was so-so. I liked the beginning half until it got to the tricep track, which was this song. I hate that song. And now I hate it even more since it is the tricep track (my most hated body part). I seriously started considering in my head “what if I just…don’t do Body Pump for a month?” (that’s how long they will play the new release). But I quickly got over it. I would miss the ‘Pump too much!

Oh! I never got to tell you about the GGX Launch party. It was great! Body Combat was an awesome workout. I actually liked that one the best even though it was my first time. I was sweatin’ within 10 minutes of the workout, so you know it’s a good one when that happens.

Body Flow was next and it was nice to relax. I’m not flexible at all so some parts were a struggle but I’d really like to continue to go to classes.

Sh’Bam was last and though it was fun, I felt like the music was lackluster. Two of the songs were more Zumba-esqe, which I love Zumba, but I felt like Sh’Bam was kind of ripping off Zumba.

I was soooore after all of the classes though, so I came home and watched an ungodly amount of Gossip Girl.

I have no shame.

Dinner tonight was an old standby, but that doesn’t mean boring!

Chicken Parmesan with a twist! (Note that the twist part is not on there yet!) 🙂

Crispy chicken, slightly spicy turkey pepperoni, whole wheat spaghetti & mozzarella cheese. Oh & parm!

One of our favorites!

Now it’s time to watch the game. We actually don’t care who wins because no matter what, we win the pool we are in. Yahoo!

Question: Are you watching the game tonight?


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