Wedding Wednesday: Invitations

Lookie what arrived in the mail…













I won’t say too much about them because I have readers that will be getting them 😉

But now we just to address them & deliver! One more thing off the list. It’s getting serious now, folks. Less than 5 months!!!!

Workouts this week have been almost non-existent considering I got sick AGAIN. I did make it to the gym today for a quick 30 min incline walk on the treadmill. In the past, I would have written off a short workout because it wouldn’t really count. Not anymore! My short workout still burned calories that I wouldn’t have burned if I would have went home and sat on the couch. It all adds up, people!

Dinner tonight:













Random. Very, very random.

A black bean, shredded cheddar cheese, red onion and pepperoni with a side of green beans & carrots w/ ranch greek yogurt dip (and a peeking salsa cup). Told you, very random.













I would take out the pepperoni because it was weird. Not a good combo! Oh well, ya win some, ya lose some.

Off to watch American Idol! Am I the only person watching this show anymore under the age of 60?

  1. akismet-f0c92a900b2d44b04cee2054be4e52c7 said:

    I love Idol! I’m all about Phillip and Hollie. But Skylar did knock it out of the park tonight.

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