How To Roast A Whole Chicken

Yep. An entire chicken. Roasted. In your own oven! And it barely takes any effort, I promise!

First, you start out with, well…a whole chicken.

Aside from being easy to make,  buying a whole chicken, compared to buying individual breasts, is much cheaper as well! This chicken was originally $8.48 but was on sale for $4.65! We’re still eating thru it, so I’ll let you know how many meals this lasts us.

Back to preparing the chicken. Be careful while taking the chicken out of the package…juices will be flowing. I opened mine over the sink just to be safe.

Also, check to make sure there isn’t a package of the giblets inside the chicken. It should be in a plastic bag and will not look appetizing, however some people cook those up separately. I didn’t because mine mysteriously didn’t have any…and I swear I didn’t cook it in the chicken!

Now that you got it out of the package, pat down with a paper towel. This step is necessary, so don’t skimp!

Next up, you season the chicken with salt & pepper. Make sure to season the inside too! And don’t hold back. I used probably a teaspoon to a teaspoon and a half of each.

After it’s alllll seasoned up, rub it down with olive oil.

We’re running low, as you can see.

Next, cut up half a lemon and throw that sucker in the chicken.

Pop that baby in the oven for 90-100 minutes at 450. You’ll hear it sizzling almost the entire time, but be patient! It’s worth the wait.

Um, look at this.

Yes, I didn’t use a roaster because…I don’t own one. Not yet at least! After September 2 though, I will 🙂

Perfectly, crispy skin. Juicy, succulent meat. Definitely great for a Sunday night dinner, or any dinner for that matter! Plus, you’ll have plenty of leftovers. And you’re even able to make homemade chicken stock with the leftover bone! Not bad for $4.65, eh?

Question: Have you ever roasted a chicken (or turkey) before?

  1. Im so glad you posted this. I have never in my life roasted a chicken and it scares me to death! I don’t know why, it seems really hard. I don’t have a roasting pan either, so It’s nice that I can use my 9×13!

  2. Lauren Parker said:

    I occasionally cook a bird in the crock pot. Its not crispy, but you can leave it on low all day while you are at work. The meat breaks down off the bone so its perfect for chicken salad, sandwich meat, or in soups. I love your recipe for a crispy bird though! Sounds like a yummy Sunday meal that keeps giving throughout the week!

  3. Sam @ Fit for my Fork said:

    We roast whole chickens all the time. It is one of my favourite meals, and having a roast dinner on a Sunday is pretty typical in England so if my boyfriend wants one I am totally up for it!

    Your chicken looks awesome, looks like your first foray into roasting a whole bird worked out very well! The leftovers from a roasted chicken are so much better – more flavourful – than just a grilled chicken breast or thigh. Mmm…

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