Day two of my training plan is down in the books.

As you can see, it went well! You’re supposed to see my thumbs up but apparently I can’t take quality pictures of myself.

I’m hoping I keep up this momentum because I’m feeling really good whenever I run. I get the excited/slightly nervous feeling which is what I assume I would feel before a race. Ah, I can’t believe I signed up for a race!

Speaking of, Ryan’s race is in two days!!! He says he’s kind of nervous but not in the “I’m scared I won’t finish” kind of way but more in the “this is something exciting I’ve never done” kind of way. I’m excited/nervous for him!

Thankfully, I won’t be by myself for watching the race. One of my bridesmaids will be with me to cheer him on. From how the race is set up, there aren’t really any good spots to spectate besides the beginning and the end, unless if we drove somewhere. Considering this race has 30,000ish people running…I doubt I will brave the traffic. I’ll be there at the end though!

I’ve stalled enough. I need to pack! See you in Indy.

Question: Ever participated in a race? How many?

I have a bunch of things to ramble about today so…hope you’re okay with that 🙂

1. I started my training plan for running a 5K today! I was actually supposed to start yesterday, but I got out of work late and we had Bible study last night so I didn’t have time. It’s only 3 days a week so it’s easy to fit in. First run, done!

2. I did my run after the hardest Body Pump class I’ve ever taken. Yeah, I’ll be sore tomorrow.

3. Dinner tonight:

Tuna salad lettuce wraps. It was supposed to be Potato Chowder but since it got to like, 80 degrees (!!!) today I just couldn’t do it. Tuna salad made with dijon mustard, plain greek yogurt, pickles, relish, salt and pepper. Mmm.

4. I’m really excited for this weekend. We are driving down to Indy for the mini marathon. It’s Ryan’s first so it will be exciting! I bought poster board tonight at Wal-mart…I’m thinking of referencing margaritas to motivate the runners since it’s Cinco De Mayo 🙂

5. I’m starting to get more emails wanting more information on Integrative Nutrition. Would anyone be interested in an info post about it?

6. This knucklehead won’t stop staring at me tonight.


















Maybe he knows that we are leaving?

7. We aren’t taking Murphy with us this weekend since we are staying at a hotel so he gets to go to doggie day camp at Camp Bow Wow. Almost 3 full days of playing with dogs non-stop. He’s gonna loooove us.

8. Time for me to do some laundry and watch Glee (since Ryan is playing softball….).

Question: Have any ramblings for today?

So, this title makes it seem like there were multiple bloggers at this meet up. However, it was just Alysha & me (and our significant others, of course).

After interviewing me for an article Alysha was doing, we decided we had to meet in person. Yay local bloggers!

I raved about El Beso to Alysha and since they had only had drinks and appetizers there I had to introduce her to the chorizo. Oh my goodness, the chorizo. So GOOD! Unfortunately, we were all talking so much that I forgot to take a picture. Trust me, it was delicious 🙂

This morning I took a yoga class again at the same place I did last weekend. I like starting out Saturday with a yoga class. It starts the weekend off on a peaceful note. For whatever reason, today’s class seemed to flow more quickly than the previous. Maybe because we all weren’t newbies? Not sure, but I do know I worked up a sweat!

I decided to stay for the Mat Pilates class after as well. If you can remember back to my first Pilates class, it was not similar at all. We used a weighted bar (ouchie) and a piece called the “Magical Circle (pictured below)”


We did not do this move, but kept it in between our heels for the majority of the class.

Though it wasn’t as challenging as the previous pilates class, it was still a good workout.

It’s another gloomy day here so I’ve been snuggled up inside catching up on IIN work and cleaning the house. Ryan is being my hero by going to the grocery store for me, so I better make something extra special for dinner!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Tonight we had what I would call a “Sunday dinner.”

What you see here is roasted chicken (that I roasted myself!!!), mashed potato/cauliflower and steamed broccoli.

Let’s get closer up.

Juicy chicken.

Healthier mashed potatoes.

Can’t forget about the little green trees!

So good and so comforting. Just how Sundays should be.

I’ll be posting how I roasted the chicken and the mashed potato recipe some point this week. Both are definitely winners!

I was cooking up a storm today. I think it’s because I haven’t truly cooked in about 3 weeks. With getting sick multiple times, cooking just did not happen. Today I roasted a chicken (and obviously made this meal), made sweet potato chili in the crockpot, made homemade sweet potato gnocchi and homemade biscuits and gravy this morning for breakfast.

After all of that, I somehow managed to vacuum the entire first floor of our house, do a load of laundry, do most of my IIN work and have my 4th health coaching session with my mentor.

Whew, I am worn out by typing that out! All in all, a great, productive Sunday.

Off to watch more Gossip Girl and plan my workouts for next week!

How was your Sunday? 

Catchy title, eh?

I thought so. 🙂

This morning I headed to a new to me yoga studio for a 9 am class. Of course, I had a groupon to use and this was my first visit of 30! I can go to around 10 different places for 30 classes of Yoga, PIlates, African Dance, Zumba, Kickboxing, etc. Oh, and I have to use all of these before June 30th. Whoops.

Fuel for the day. Whole wheat bagel, one side buttered, one side peanut buttered.

It was nice. There were only 5 of us and the instructor was really welcoming. I picture this being my Saturday ritual for a while!

Then it was off to the Saturday morning ‘Pump.

I love Pump, as you all know, but today I did not.

Today was hard. Probably the hardest class ever and I don’t know why. I felt extremely fatigued throughout the entire class and could barely even do my normal weights. Weird.

After I ‘Pump, I headed home to quickly shower, make a smoothie and head right back out the door.

Our agenda included picking up our wine shipment (!!!), grocery shopping & wedding band shopping.

Wiiiine. We’re members of the Oliver Wine Club, which is headquartered in Bloomington, Indiana. Oliver wine was basically the go-to wine for cheap college kids. They don’t sell a lot of the kinds we get shipped in the bi-yearly packages though, so it’s a special treat. I’m excited for the dessert wine (far right)!

No pictures of the wedding band…I want to keep it a surprise! But I think we both figured out which ones we like best. Another task marked off the list!

Tonight I’m not sure of dinner plans. I’m thinking a shrimp stir fry but who knows!

Toodles for now!

Evening! Quite the dreary evening over here. At least it’s almost Friday right?!

I can’t even begin to explain how excited I am to having a relaxing weekend. Call me grandma, but I can’t handle those nights out anymore!

The dreary night made me not want to go to the gym. I know, I know. No excuse. But I decided to skip it. Ryan and I haven’t been able to just hang out for awhile so we decided to make dinner earlier than normal (i.e. 7 instead of like 8:30, we’re late eaters).

Dinner was nutritious, easy and delicious! What more could you ask for.

Roasted red potatoes, salmon with a pecan crust & my long lost friend, kale chips! (P.S. Apparently, kale is the “it” food for 2012:

For the crust on the salmon, I just took pecans, olive oil, parmesan cheese and basil, processed in the food processor & topped salmon—similar to Julie’s recipe. So easy! And it tasted gourmet, bonus points!

Okay we have American Idol to catch up on. I’m sorry, I hated the country version of Born This Way. Terrible!

Question: Are you a fan of salmon?

Salmon is probably my favorite fish!


It has been a hot minute since I have posted. To be honest, the whole month of April has been just…off  for me. First I got sick. Then I got better. Then I got sick again. Then I had people up this past weekend for my birthday (yay 24!). And then I got food poisoning.

Yep. It’s been awesome. I’m not 100% sure it was food poisoning…but there’s pretty much nothing else it could be. I’m finally feeling back to normal. I’m hoping one more night of going to bed at 8:30 will do the trick (didn’t realize you were reading grandma’s blog, did ya?).

Anywho, this past weekend. Friday was my birthday! On the 13th, nonetheless. Maybe that was a pre-cursor to me getting food poisoning? Anyways, I turned the big 2-4. Friends from college came to visit and it was a grand ole time.

Friday night we went out to Jose’s Blue Sombrero located in Brookfield. They make table side guacamole, so you know I was all over that. After dinner, we headed out downtown to a few bars on North Ave.

As you can imagine, Saturday we slept in (getting home at 3 am will do that to ya) and bummed around all day. We grilled out and hung out around the house until we headed out to downtown Waukesha, which is in walking distance from our house.

Bridesmaid alert!

After an indulgent weekend (and being sick), I am ready to get back to cleaner eating and workouts. The month have April has not been good to me and I feel all over the place. DInners have been made on the fly (aka no recipes) and workouts have been scattered throughout the month. I love that for me now, feeling normal is eating healthy & working out regularly. Never thought I would see the day!

Here’s to getting back on track!

How was your weekend? Have you ever had food poisoning?

Hello & Happy Easter!

Agh, I’m still getting over being sick. I’m feeling about 75% normal…hopefully will feel 100% in no time.

Let’s move onto the weekend festivities since that’s more fun 🙂

Friday night we headed to the RIverside Theater to see Giada De Laurentiis for her book tour.

Each ticket purchased also included a copy of her new book, Weeknights with Giada. I love cookbooks and tend to forget I have them, so this renewed my desire to cook from a cookbook!

Ryan and I had never been to anything like this, so we weren’t sure what to expect. Ryan kept calling it a “fireside chat,” which was pretty accurate except for the fireside.

Giada talked about everything from her family traditions, to a few cooking secrets, to what her life is like now while having a 4 year old. She said how all of her cookbooks are a symbol for a period of time her life. Weeknights with Giada symbolizes how now that she has a child, she needs to have quick, easy & healthy meals to serve to her family.

She seemed so geniune & sweet as well as easy to talk to! Milwaukee sent her off with a Harley Davidson jacket (the headquarters to Harley Davidson is in Milwaukee, FYI).

Saturday was spent cleaning, grocery shopping, exercising, and studying. After a quick trip to the store & the gym (finally back after being sick for 3 days!), I started studying for my first IIN exam. I was nervous because I had no idea what to expect. They gave us a study guide and I knew that there would be 30 true/false & multiple choice questions but besides that I didn’t know much else.

Turns out doing the homework helps! 🙂 I missed one question, but you get two chances to take the exam so I will probably give it a second go some time today. We have until April 19th, but next weekend is my birthday & we have friends visiting so I probably won’t feel like taking an exam then.

Today we came home after going to the Easter Sunday service of church and are doing a bit of relaxing & a bit of cleaning. I wanted to make special meal for today, but we didn’t get our act together to figure out what we wanted. Maybe grilling is in our future?

Oh, also! We are working on planning our ceremony today. I may do a Wedding Wednesday post, but I don’t want to give away all the details to readers that are also invited to the wedding! Gotta have some mystery, right?

Off to enjoy the rest of the day! Have a great Sunday!

‘Ello amigos!

I started today with finishing up some IIN work. It was nice to finish some work before 9 am!

Morning coffee was essential.

Alongside an egg sandwich with cherry butter. Sounds strange, but try it! It’s delicious.

Today is a good day because it’s GGX Launch party at my gym!!! My gym offers most of the Les Mills classes, which launches new tracks every 3 months. Brand new songs, brand new moves, brand new muscles being worked!

really wanted to get into the Body Pump class, but alas I was too late to sign up. It was full within 12 hours of the sign up sheet being posted!

Oh well, I will just have to wait until Monday to try it out.

Since I couldn’t get into that class, I figured it would be a good time to try a new-to-me class, Body Combat! I’m *slightly* nervous, but the instructors kept saying how the Launch party is a great time to try a new class since all of the moves are new to everyone.

I also signed up for Body Flow (not Body Vive…) and Sh’Bam. I’ve only been to Body Flow once, but I definitely loved it so I wanted to try again. I need some stretching in my life.

And of course, I always love Sh’Bam. I’m glad they are ending on a fun class.

Time to fuel up before an afternoon of workouts!

Question: Have you ever taken Body Combat, Body Flow or Sh’Bam? Or any gym classes? Did you like them?