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Lookie what arrived in the mail…













I won’t say too much about them because I have readers that will be getting them 😉

But now we just to address them & deliver! One more thing off the list. It’s getting serious now, folks. Less than 5 months!!!!

Workouts this week have been almost non-existent considering I got sick AGAIN. I did make it to the gym today for a quick 30 min incline walk on the treadmill. In the past, I would have written off a short workout because it wouldn’t really count. Not anymore! My short workout still burned calories that I wouldn’t have burned if I would have went home and sat on the couch. It all adds up, people!

Dinner tonight:













Random. Very, very random.

A black bean, shredded cheddar cheese, red onion and pepperoni with a side of green beans & carrots w/ ranch greek yogurt dip (and a peeking salsa cup). Told you, very random.













I would take out the pepperoni because it was weird. Not a good combo! Oh well, ya win some, ya lose some.

Off to watch American Idol! Am I the only person watching this show anymore under the age of 60?
























(this actually wasn’t from this weekend, but felt the need to share 🙂 )


















Murphy’s report card after his first day at doggie day camp. 5 tail wags!!!


















Bloody Mary @ Horny Goat Hideaway














Free monkey bread while waiting @ Horny Goat Hideaway














Eggs Benedict (forgot to ask for the hollandaise on the side… womp)







Pre bike ride, post eggs benny.














Testing out the new Camelbak I got as an early birthday present!


Turkey taco boats, courtesy of Ryan T. 

Question: How was your weekend?

Shoes. OMG shoes.

Let’s get some shoes. Let’s party.

If you have no idea what I’m referring to, please watch here.

And stop living under a rock.


Shoes. I suppose I should get some for the wedding, eh? I go back and forth between loving looking for shoes and loathing it. I mean, no one will see them, right? And I’ll end up just taking them off halfway through the reception, right?

But I want to have blue shoes! So I want everyone to see them! So I will wear them all night! (Yeah right)

Here are a couple I’ve been looking at:













































A few ideas. I like the first one the best, but…they are $100. Soo…there’s that.

All of these I found via etsy. Does anyone else have any other ideas of where I can find cute, affordable blue (non suede 🙂 ) shoes? Help!

Well, us party animals were out all day & night yesterday!

Ha. Just kidding. Ryan golfed all day while I got some major housework/IIN work/workout/wedding work/play with Murphy time in. It was probably one of the most productive Saturdays I’ve had in awhile. Speaking of accomplishing tasks…I updated some pages on the ole blog too! Be sure to check out my updated recipes & wedding pages when you get a chance!

Like I mentioned yesterday, it was Ryan’s turn for date night this month. We could only do part 1 of our date night (the second part is a distillery tour!) but that was fine with me since it included food!

We headed to Asiana which is located in Pewaukee, WI, which is an asian cuisine steakhouse with a hibachi grill section. Ryan had been here before for a work meeting & kept raving about it so I was pumped to check it out.

I have never experience a hibachi grill so I was interested to see how it works. Apparently, they give you free saki shots via a squirt bottle…but that’s besides the point 🙂

Our dinner started with the miso soup & traditional salad.

I pretty much inhaled this. I was starving!

Then our chef came out and started with his tricks. How do begin to practice something like this? Do you just practice and…drop things until you finally figure it out? Someone teach me!

I ordered the shrimp & scallop combo dinner. Gah, I heart seafood.

A kid in our section refused to eat any of his vegetables because “they are disgusting.” I almost leaned over to steal his plate. Almost.

Everything was so delicious. How do Asian restaurants make their stir frys so good? HOW?! I wish I could make a dish at home taste this good!

We came home to watch American Idol & The Office since Ryan has been gone all week. The Office just isn’t the same anymore, is it?

Today’s adventures included a trip to American Furniture to look at bed sets. Another round of feeling like a grown up, for sure. We think we found a set we like, now we just need to grow a money tree to pay for it!

(The believed winner!)

With the dresser & mirror. Plus 2 night stands & an additional tall dresser. Ah, if we only made the big bucks.

After schmoozing with the furniture salesmen, it was time to head to the best place on earth. In other words, Costco.

Our food loot:

Sweet potato fries (my splurge), Multi-grain crackers, black beans, plain greek yogurt, almond milk (yup, 3 1/2 gallons…), Kashi Go Lean cereal & grapefruit cups (Ryan’s splurge).

Avocados (less than a $1 each!), 24 farm fresh, organic eggs (swoon), bananas, baby portabellas, blackberries, cuties, spinach (I forsee lots of smoothies in my future…) & the clorox wipes. Again.

And then a bunch of non fun items like tissues, drain-o, lightbulbs, dishwashing liquid (to last like, the rest of our lives) etc.

All in all a great weekend, especially since the weather is SO NICE. I’m sorry, I have to keep saying it. Tonight on the menu, Turkey burgers!

Question: Did you do any grocery shopping this weekend? What did ya get?

Ever heard of the song Saturday Morning by the Eels? I always think of this song when it’s a bright & sunny Saturday morning. If this weather never ends, I’d be a happy camper.

Today started out with this face jumping on my head:

He’s a real peach.

After getting up, I headed to an eye doctor appointment. It was as fun as it sounds. I need new contacts and  glasses any my insurance only covers one. Womp. Glasses aren’t too expensive, so looks like I’ll be buying those. Just call me four eyes!


Strangest picture ever.

After that I headed to the gym for a sweaty treadmill & arm sesh! Felt good to move after not being able to make it to the gym much this week.

Then I took the monster for a walk.






Obviously, he loved it.

Now I’m watching Gossip Girl on Netflix (don’t judge) and plan on doing some homework for IIN! Tonight is date night & it’s Ryan’s turn…can’t wait!

Question: How do you like to spend your Saturday mornings?