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Yo yo yo!

Tonight’s Zumba class was killler because we did the Drop It Low track. Now doing that normally, would be rough, but tolerable. But doing it after last night’s Body Pump? Oh my goodness! My legs were screaming at me. Literally screaming. Ouchie. But they did play a few of my favs, so I was content.

Murph needed some play time outside, so we took his favorite toy, the frisbee, and headed out to the backyard.





He hates to give it up.


“Stop. Taking. Pictures!”

Dinner was inspired by Meghann @ Meals and Miles. I had some leeks leftover from the Winter Vegetable Pot Pie and knew she had posted a Leek Potato Soup a few weeks ago.  My first experience with leeks is a good one! I’ll be back for more 🙂

I added a few things of my own to the soup, I’ll post the recipe some time this week!



Topped with mozzarella!

I need to catch up on the Bachelor since Ryan was gone last night. Toodles!

Question: Have you ever had leeks? Did you like them?