Vegetarian Enchiladas

How’s it hangin’? Rainy here in Milwaukee. Very. Rainy.

Mondays usually fly by so before I knew it I was scootin’ out the door to head to the gym.

Body Pump Mondays make for a good Monday. I did feel somewhat weaker today though. I’ve been trying to up my weights on a few tracks and man am I feeling it. I know it’s because I’m getting stronger but man oh man!

Now we’re watching the Bachelor, which we started later when it actually starts so we can fast forward thru the dumb parts. This season is so awful! Anyone else agree? Maybe it’s because I don’t like Ben or maybe because most of the girls are annoying but I am not a fan.









Dinner featured Angela’s Vegan Enchiladas…that I made vegetarian. I didn’t have much nutritional yeast on hand so I used shredded cheese.









Lots o veggies in the skillet.









All sauced up with enchilada sauce.









So good.









So, so good.

Question: Enchilada fan? 

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