Cafe Hollander

I planned a date night last week for Ryan & I. We don’t go out to eat often and we have a running list (in actuality working on this list) of places we’d like to check out while we live in Milwaukee.

We’re now making it a point to have a date night at least once a month, whether it be out to eat, an activity or cooking at home. Date nights helps break up the week with something fun to look forward to (and away from the kids dog!).

Cafe Hollander has two different locations but I wanted to go to the location in downtown Wauwatosa. They have a great patio and we want to soak up what we have left of the nice weather before this happens:

I looked at the menu before we went there because I’m a nerd super cool. Everything looked so good though! It was still really hard to decide.

First we decided on an appetizer. I honestly could have been happy getting any of them. The Goat Cheese Bruschetta sounded uh AMAZING, but we ended up getting the Margherita Flatbread. It was so-so sooo I believe next time I’d try the Bruschetta.

For dinner, I decided on the Grilled Portobello Sandwich which was really out of the norm for me. I’ve never eaten a mushroom as a sandwich but for some reason it sounded so good. I’m trying to branch out at restaurants (and eat a little healthier) and figured that was a perfect happy medium of the two.






With a side of sweet potato fries. Yum.

This sandwich was so delicious. And kept me full for a long time! Strangely, it kind of tasted like a burger, but without the weighing down feeling. I will definitely be trying these at other restaurants (and at Cafe Hollander again!).

  1. I’ve actually had this sandwich at their east-side location on Downer. I LOVE mushroom burgers. I’d like to make it to the Tosa one, their patio is so nice.

  2. We went to the Tosa one specifically because of the patio 🙂 The sandwich was soooo good. I’m not sure if I could ever get anything else there!

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