Thanksgiving 2011

Welcome back, everyone!

And happy late Thanksgiving!

These past few days have flown by and sadly, it is Monday again tomorrow. Though, now you have no guilt of singing those Christmas tunes out loud (I had no guilt before, but perhaps some of you do).

We decided to go to just Ryan’s parents house for Thanksgiving this year. My hometown is 8 hours away from Milwaukee and…driving that much plus seeing his family too, was just too much. Though my mom did get to come up and meet us!

We drove down Thursday morning with relatively easy traffic. I haven’t been feeling 100% for the past few days so I napped for about half of the drive.

Soon after we arrived it was time to eat! Pretty typical Thanksgiving fair, so I felt no need to take a picture.

The day was spent socializing, playing card games (learned how to play euchre AFTER college…yep), sitting outside by the fire and watching the dogs play (aka Murphy trying to play with Ryan’s parents dog Jota…and Jota ignoring him).



“I so happpppyyyy”

” I love it here!!!!”








Jota was not excited about having Murphy on her turf.



We drove back up on Saturday to Purdue to make it to the basketball game (which they won!).

Today has been a typical lazy Sunday and it has been great. Though I am ready to get back into a somewhat normal routine!

Question: How was your Thanksgiving break?


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